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However, most people find that this option works better than any other. Part of the fun is due to the amount of variety that spray paints now have. For example, you can get spray paint that has a crackle effect. There are also ways to use this kind of paint to make nightstands look like marble.

The traditional lighting tracks were available only in boring white, black and chrome shades and heads. However, modern track lighting is widely available in bright colors such as yellow, red, and blue and green. These are ideal for kitchen or any bright craft room.

Mirrors are another trick that works wonders. Some people grab one foot squares and affix them flat to the wall. Designer mirrors are fine. What you want to avoid are the older brand of mirrors people used to put on the walls in huge frames like Venetian or Neapolitan wall mirrors. They are great for other places and other purposes. But, they really don’t do the trick when you are trying to make a room look more spacious plus, they are even more expensive. Gardner polished edge mirrors that attach with plastic fasteners or two-sided abrasive strips will fill the walls quite inexpensively and create the impression that the room is larger. I’ll have to get into this into greater detail in future articles.

The house can be given a completely new look by just changing the color of the paint on the walls. You can decide to go in for more modern use of different colors for different rooms or walls. Or maybe even use wall paper or tiles to add more variety.

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